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York Physical Therapy offers the York, Nebraska, area state-of-the-art treatment with quality, compassionate care, and service. If you have an injury, persistent pain, or need therapy after surgery, we’ll get you back to living the way you want and deserve, as quickly and safely as possible. Whatever ails you and whatever your physical condition, we’ll create an individualized plan to maximize your recovery that fits in with your busy life.

Fitness Worx Gym offers the York, Nebraska, area top-of-line fitness equipment, facility, and staff. Our physical therapists can start you on a plan to continue feeling well after being cleared from therapy. The gym is also here to help anyone, physical therapy patients or not, to achieve and maintain their optimal level of fitness.

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Total wellness

Whether you are starting your road to recover after an accident or surgery, or wanting to increase your fitness and wellness, York Physical Therapy and Fitness Worx have you covered. Our staff is highly trained and will work with you to reach your goals.
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