Moving Toward Arthritis Pain Relief

By |2016-11-07T11:26:36-06:00August 15th, 2016|Physical Therapy|

Today we are sharing an article about a topic that affects to many Americans - arthritis.  Nearly 50 million people suffer with this condition.  At York Physical Therapy, we have many techniques that can help ease the pain of this condition and improve your quality of life. As the American Physical Therapy Association reports, when [...]

What You Can’t See When You Exercise

By |2016-11-07T11:26:36-06:00August 15th, 2016|Health News|

There are undoubted many benefits to the appearance of your body when you exercise, but what about things you can't see?  Exercise benefits your body in so many ways, and here is a look into some that you may not have realized. CNN reports: Here, some of the awesome ways exercise can benefit your mind, body [...]

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