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The therapists at York Physical Therapy have provided services in the York community for over 28 years and we have a solid, established practice that has an excellent working relationship with the local and visiting physicians. Our staff is very caring and committed to providing the optimum care for our patients. We provide a full range of outpatient physical therapy services with an emphasis on orthopedics, industrial injuries, and sports medicine patients.

On your first appointment remember to bring the following information:

  • Insurance Card(s): Please check with your insurance provider regarding your physical therapy outpatient benefits. You are responsible for any co-pays, deductibles and any services non-covered by your plan.
  • Your doctor’s prescription for treatment
  • New Patient Information Forms (Click here to download)

If applicable, also bring the following information:

  • If your visit is due to a motor vehicle accident, please bring any auto insurance information
  • Attorney information
  • Liability information
  • Workers Compensation claim number and contact information
New Patient Form